Monday, October 26, 2009

Spun City Organic Cotton Candy

When is the last time you had cotton candy? For me it's been years--I don't even remember. As a little girl, it was my absolute favorite. I'll never forget watching that stick swirl around those big machines growing that spool of cotton candy. I'd slowly pull off a piece, savoring the smell. Then I'd let it melt on my tongue--pure magic.

In my quest for some healthier options for Halloween candy, I stumbled across Spun City Organic Cotton Candy. The flavors and colors are fruit and vegetable based, and it's certified organic--no artificial colors, preservatives, or dyes. So while it's not exactly on par with broccoli, I think it's fine for an occasional treat. There is something to be said for the nutritional value of emotion.

I told my son, "I have something very special to share with you, this was was my favorite treat when I was a kid." I tore off a little piece and said, "Just let it melt in your mouth." He was completely fascinated, just like I was (and still am). There's nothing else like cotton candy.

My favorite flavor is the Cherry Vanilla. It smells and tastes wonderful--not overpowering. A whole bag (big enough to share) is 110 calories, which I think is miniscule. You can find it at the Natural Candy Store.


The EcoDiva said...

YUMMYY!!!! I want some ;)

Eco Mama said...

It's so fun! I'm not a candy person At All, but cotton candy is from another world.
Eco Mama