Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eco Diva Needs Your Vote

My dear friend Elena, the Eco Diva is in the running to become the Green Girl. Here is her essay--with a link at the bottom to vote. She's a green mommy who could do some real good in this position!

Growing up in NYC, the number of people, cars and stuff being consumed each day never ceased to amaze me. I always wondered ‘where does all this stuff come from, and would it just keep coming endlessly?’

Now, as the mother of a small child, who has traveled from Russia to NY, to California, and now landing in the Pacific North West, I can see that the resources will not just keep coming. That it is up to each of us to care of our own little circle of influence and to try each day to take steps in the right direction.

Today, my daily fuel and my passion is to empower other women to make informed choices in their daily lives from mascara to bedding.

Recently my family has lost a dear friend to ovarian cancer. Another cousin is battling breast cancer. My own mother has now been diagnosed with skin cancer.

Each of these women works with products that are riddled with toxic chemicals that have yet to be banned by the FDA. Two of these women have been in the the beauty industry for over 20 years. The very industry that promises to make us beautiful and more youthful, is slowly making us sick.

My mission is to show women another way. This is what I write about each day on my blog. This is what I talk about with the women in my life. I am living proof that you can be sexy, stylish and choose eco-friendly and non-toxic options for yourself and your family. I don’t need to scream it to the world from a soap-box – but I would love the chance to show how I walk my path, peacefully, and try to set an example each day with each choice I make.

I am not perfect, but I am ready to share my journey and get you moving towards green & gorgeous to become the EcoDiva in your own life.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to become the Green Model and represent this amazing move towards a healthy more sustainable future in beauty and fashion. I would be honored to receive your vote."

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