Friday, August 21, 2009

Seriously, SIGG?

When news was breaking big about the dangers of BPA in 2007-8, smart companies like Nalgene immediately discontinued use and told customers to come and trade in their old bottles for new BPA free bottles. It looks like SIGG was weasely about this, having known that their liners contained BPA and not disclosing it, conveniently cashing in on the BPA-Free frenzy.

This doesn't sit well with me. They've just issued a statement on their website that reads a little bit like something from a politician. They knew consumers were buying their bottles to escape BPA and did not disclose this key information. I'm disappointed in SIGG. You decide how you feel about it, but you might want to check your bottles if you have any Sigg and make sure they have the newer BPA free lining. Read more about this HERE and HERE.


Unknown said...

I thought Siggs were straight up lined? Weird.. sad.

Eco Mama said...

They are lined, they just didn't tell us that the prior lining had BPA. It is sad. But there are lots of other great options out there. Thanks for visiting my site Mary!
Eco Mama