Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bliss Out: Coconut Bliss Ice Cream *GIVEAWAY*

Have you tried Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss ice cream yet? I just discovered it and I'm in love. Where has this stuff been all my veg years? Soy and rice ice cream just don't cut if for me. They are either sickeningly sweet or just don't taste right (at least all the ones I've tried). So I haven't really been able to enjoy frozen treats in a really long time. Coconut is the base here and makes for a rich creamy melt in your mouth consistency, though not tasting of coconut.

They have many yummy flavors to choose from and you can feel okay about eating this--it's certified organic and sweetened with agave nectar. With all the nourishing benefits of coconut, you could say it's good for you. I plan to taste my way through all the flavors. I can tell you that the cherry almond and the chocolate are excellent. Perfect texture and deep flavor without being too sweet.

They have a great back story and are just the kind of folks you want to support. I love it when I like a product and also feel good about where my money is going.

Want a free pint? Just go to Luna & Larry's website and check them out, subscribe to my blog and leave a comment letting me know you did, or, if you're already subscribed, either tell me which flavor you would choose, or blog about this giveaway (one bonus entry for blogging about it--just be sure to leave a comment letting me know you did). Good Luck!


Kiley said...

This is Kiley from the Coconut Bliss office-
Thanks for the lovely write up and spreading the Coconut Bliss love!
I hope the pint finds it's way to someone who hasn't tried it yet :)

sharon said...

Thanks!! Mint Galactica would be a fabulous flavor, my all time love! :-D

Thanks again for sharing this wonderful info!

Katy said...

Just subscribed after seeing your link on Twitter -- pick me, pick me! They all look so yummy! The naked almond fudge and naked coconut look awesome.

The EcoDiva said...

YUM YUM YUM!! This is my all time fave! I simply crave, desire, am addicted to the dark choc hazelnut fudge!!!!

Great giveaway EcoMama


lbrose said...

I would probably choose the Dark Chocolate, but the Naked Coconut looks really delicious too. Or the vanilla. Or...

Ellen said...

oh, i would love to try the chocolate hazelnut fudge! i am subscribed to your posts.

celyn said...

The strawberry lemon love flavor is amazing as well! Coconut Bliss is way better than any ice cream I ever tasted pregan.