Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fresh From the Garden Cookbook by Ann Lovejoy

If you have a garden, or shop the Farmers' Market, Fresh From The Garden Cookbook is a gem. Settle Post-Intelligencer columnist Ann Lovejoy takes you from seed to plate through each season. If, like me, you are committed to eating local, organic seasonal food, this book will really resonate. And if you are interested in growing your own food (to any extent), you will find some excellent information and inspiration here, particularly if you live in the northwest.

Loaded with yummy color photos, the recipes are accessible but interesting, like Romanesco Broccoli with Tangerine-Walnut Sauce, Carrot Marigold Salad, or Margarita Sweet Corn. There are many vegetarian and some vegan recipes though it is an omni cookbook.

Little pearls of wisdom abound, like how to attract pollinators (not always easy with the dwindling bee population) and that it's a good idea to plant daffodils around your vegetable beds to deter deer.

I have just started my journey into organic gardening and really appreciate this uncomplicated conversational book.

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