Saturday, August 8, 2009

Product Review: Tazzy Totes Urban All Tote

Here's a cool thing for Market Day. The Urban All Tote from Tazzy Totes packs a lot of bang for your buck. Look at all the stuff that comes with it--two good sized expandable bags (they worked great for me at the Farmer's Market and could hold a ton of produce), three fold-up produce bags (the farmers totally appreciated that I brought my own produce bags and my broccoli is being stored in one as I speak), and a pen. All this in a smaller messenger-like shoulder bag with magnetic closure.

Organization freaks (me) will love this. I love that it's very hip and city and still green. I think this would be good for traveling too--the produce bags have many uses and the whole thing would pack down nicely and work great for shopping.

The larger bags are designed so they make their own little pockets for small things (camera, cell phone, cash, etc.). A lot of attention to detail here, these were very well thought out and quality materials were used. They come in several yummy colors and I think they will make a big hit.