Sunday, August 30, 2009

Paint Still Contains Lead??

Another reason to make sure you buy eco-friendly paint. I thought they banned lead in paint back in the 70's. Well, they did, but apparently it didn't account for imported paint. The university of Cincinnati has just published a study finding over 73% of consumer paint brands exceed the US limits for lead, pointing to a real safety issue, especially for children. Just something to watch out for next time you buy paint.


Susan Powers said...

Love you site! I simply have to put you on my blog roll. Your stuff is great.


Eco Mama said...

Thank You! Your stuff is great too!
Eco Mama

Sylvia said...

Gawlee! I had no idea! That is incredibly frustrating and upsetting. I have a new baby and we have just recently painted her room and it makes me wonder if that paint is dangerous. Ughhh.