Monday, August 10, 2009

Product Review: Glass Dharma Glass Straws

"Sip the World," says Glass Dharma. Isn't that beautiful? I love it. And I love these...who would have ever thought of straws. Glass. Straws. For two weeks I have been testing three different sizes of these straws. Myself and my four year old. We've had smoothies, juice, lemonade, and water, washed them right in the dishwasher--with silverware--and they are all completely in tact.

I am very selective about what plastics are allowed in our house and have banished most. It's very difficult if not impossible to get rid of all of it, even the toothpaste lid is plastic, it's everywhere. But it's also easy to avoid in some things--plates, cups, toys (sort of), tumblers, etc. I have diligently avoided it and replaced most food related items with glass or stainless steel. But straws didn't occur to me for some reason. We don't use them that often... sometimes with smoothies and summer drinks, sometimes when we're feeling festive. But straws are everywhere.

According to David Leonhardt, founder or Glass Dharma, McDonalds sells 58 million meals per day. That's a ton of straws going into the landfills, and that's just one day and one restaurant. And we don't even know what toxins could be leaching into our drinks from all those straws.

Made of borosilicate glass and guaranteed for life--if you break one, they send you another one for free, Glass Dharma straws are a cool thing to have. They're healthy for you and the earth and pleasing to use. They sell accessories on the website for the straws and I strongly recommend you buy brushes so that you can drink your smoothies with the straws and clean them easily afterwards. What a great thing to add to your eco kitchen.