Friday, August 7, 2009

ORGANIC CORN ON THE COB: Healthy Summertime Delicacy

Corn on the cob is not just a fluffy side dish, it's a nutritious summer delicacy worthy of center stage. Corn is just starting to show up at the Farmers' Market and it's outrageously sweet and delicious. We've had corn on the cob and salad now twice for dinner and it's quickly becoming a favorite meal.

Corn contains pantothenic acid, a B vitamin good for stress reduction (who doesn't need some of that), thiamine, a B vitamin helpful for brain function, beta-cryptoxanthin which are anti-cancer caratenoids, and folate, a B vitamin that supports the cardiovascular system and fetal health. Corn is also a good source of vitamin C, manganese, phosphorous, and fiber. Always buy organic (corn is one of the largest gmo crops and if it's not organic it's highly likely to be genetically modified) and look for firm fully developed cobs. We like ours with organic whipped Earth Balance, salt and pepper.