Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Solay Fair Trade Himalaya Salt Lamp

Salt therapy has been used for centuries (think salt baths, neti pots, etc) but the Salt Lamp has to be the most beautiful way to utilize the healing benefits of salt.  Salt lamps radiate a warm negative ionizing glow that is said to be great for congestion, allergies, and cleaning the air.  In person, the lamp is very calming and creates a cozy ambiance.  The simple base goes with different decor and kind of disappears so that the focus is on the beautiful variations in the Himalaya salt rock.  It comes with the cord to plug in and a light bulb.  The on/off switch is quality, and located on the cord which is nice if you have it on your nightstand, you can just reach over and flip it on or off without a big reach.

The obvious place for one of these is the bedroom, but I think it would be wonderful in the workplace to keep energy levels up and to enhance the atmosphere, and reduce pollution from electro magnetic frequencies from computers, wifi and whatnot.  They are said to enhance concentration and to aid in meditation.  I think it would also make a very cool night light in a child's bedroom.  If you have a big enough bathroom with counter space, I think it would be so soothing to look at while soaking in a bath (and doesn't that sound nice right about now).

You can find your own salt lamp right here on the Greenwala Marketplace.  They come in three sizes, one being an aromatherapy lamp, to suit your needs.  And be sure to enter the giveaway HERE.