Monday, December 12, 2011

Enjoy the Cold Outdoors in The North Face

What do you wear when the weather is super cold, but also wet?  If you live in a rainy climate, it's a little bit tricky.  If you leave the house in a down coat and get caught in a downpour, you get soggy.   But there are solutions that will keep you warm and dry.  Check out this Brooklyn Jacket from the North Face.

It's a waterproof shell with down on the inside, so the water doesn't get near the down and it stays very warm.  The faux fur trim on the hood is removable and you can throw the whole coat into the wash when you need to clean it (sans detachable fur).  There are plenty of pockets for tickets, lip balm, id, money, etc., and the hand pockets are soft and cozy.  This coat has features that keep wind and rain out, like the cuffs, belt and zip/button down combo keeping well sealed against cold.  The fit is very snug, I recommend sizing up.

North Face makes another coat very similar to this called the Arctic Parka.  For those preferring a belt-less look, this one hits a little longer for added warmth.  Both coats have that durable HyVent 2L waterproof fabric that breathes while sealing out water and wind, in addition to ultra warm goose down on the inside of the coat.

I learned while taking the bus, or rather freezing at bus stops, that a good coat is a big deal.   When I wasn't driving, in the winter, I began to think of my coat (and footwear) as my car and with that came a lot of freedom. It makes all the difference in the world to keep warm, opening up various options like taking the bus and walking and playing outside.  Because of my proper cold weather clothing, I was comfortable taking the bus and dragged out getting a car a good extra year or two, not to mention being able to hang out in the cold and snow with my son as long as he wanted to.  Buy quality and you only have to buy it once.  Find these coat and other cold weather options HERE on the North Face website.