Thursday, December 1, 2011

Veggie Dyed Kork-Ease Ankle Boots

Need some snappy boots for holiday events?  Check out these fabulous MARLO booties from Kork-Ease.  These boots have wonderful crossover appeal ranging from dressy to casual, from a whisper of cowgirl to metropolitan sophistication.  Have you ever looked longingly at those fashionable cute ankle booties wishing you could wear them knowing full well you wouldn't last an hour in them?  Being the boot freak that I am, I've been lusting after this style for the last couple of years but wouldn't dare attempt most of them due to the heels.  I'm a firm believer that you can be feminine and sexy without killing yourself in high heels.  And for me, heels are just not practical at all, I need my footwear to function.

I've been curious about Kork-Ease for a long time, I love the fusion of modern with retro chic.  When I saw the MARLO Platform Ankle Boot,  I thought, finally, an accessible ankle boot with a heel! These fit the bill in a big way.  They are modern and fun, and most importantly, they are super comfortable.  The side zip makes them easy to get on and off, the platform makes them manageable to walk in and provides height, and I just love their elegant simplicity which makes them classic.  The Marlo works with dressier outfits to something more casual like jeans or leggings.  The colors are natural and derived from vegetable tanning which utilizes plant tannins like bark and wood.  Untreated eco friendly biodegradable Vachetta leather from Tuscany, Italy, develops a rich patina over time, giving each shoe its own unique look.  They've got a lot of character and I can see them getting even more beautiful with time.

They run true to size, I take an 8.5 and unlike most boots in my closet, I did not have to size up with these, they fit perfectly and offer some arch support.  If you are like me, you want as much cushion as you can get, so I put some gel insoles in and it made them feel just right. You can find these fabulous boots on the Kork-Ease website, Zappos, and Sundance.  The different sites offer various colors, so be sure to check out your options.