Monday, December 26, 2011


Looking for some wool clothing to keep you warm this winter?  Icebreaker offers some modern styles that will keep you cozy.  I love their Realfleece.  It's a natural alternative to the synthetic fleeces out there and it breathes, regulates body temperature and does not retain odor, it's perfect for travel and outdoor activities.

Sophisticated styles and a great ethical policy set Icebreaker apart from your average wool clothing.  For starters, they have a wonderful environmental and animal welfare policy.  The animals are well fed, free range, and there is no muelsing.  You can trace the origins of each garment with the BAA Code.

Check out this elegant Igloo Hood.  It's sleek with clean flattering lines, the neckline is especially pretty.  It's very tailored and I find it runs small so consider sizing up with this.  It's soft, no itch like you find with some wools, and it's very warm.  The long length lets it function as a jacket, and paired with gloves and a hat will see you through some cold weather while allowing you to remain mobile.  It's a nice, versatile year round piece.

For kids, I like the Camper Hoody.  It's well made to withstand some heavy duty play.  This is something that will easily be passed down from kid to kid and the design is classic, it won't be going out of style.

Find these and other toasty Icebreaker clothes HERE on their website. They offer free shipping and free returns so you can get your sizing right.  Once you try it, you are likely to want more.  Hint:  I found some crazy good Icebreaker deals on Amazon.