Monday, August 1, 2011

Eco Friendly REVO Thrive Sunglasses

Have you ever gone looking for your sunglasses only to find that you are wearing them?  Well that's what you'll do with these eco friendly REVO Thrive shades.  Why?  Because they are so comfortable and light weight you forget you're wearing them.  I am not kidding.

These are wonderful for activities that require a helmet.   I love wearing them while riding my bike because the temples are thin and light and the weight of my helmet doesn't smash them into my head the way  it does with some sunglasses.   Revo uses technology that creates a high contrast polarization to help with glare and clarity making them ideal for people who spend time on the water. 

Revo's Eco Collection utilizes recycled material for the frames and a non petroleum based nylons for construction.  They're innovative, comfortable and eco friendly and perfect for the Summer.  Find them HERE.