Monday, August 15, 2011

Meal Ideas for Camping

Need some ideas for what to take camping for meal time?  Here are some kid friendly ideas ranging from easy to a little more complicated, all are relatively healthy and vegan).  Always buy organic and local when possible.

Veggie dogs and veggie burgers--easy, easy, easy!

Oatmeal--perfect for breakfast when it's chilly, just add boiling water and you're done.

Pancakes (bring a mix and cast iron griddle, you can get vegan pancake mix right at the co-op in the bulk section)

Bars for kids--some handy organic bars are great for when you've ventured away from camp and you hear those words, "mama, I'm hungry," even though you ate just an hour ago.

Fruit--bananas are nature's power bars and they come in their own wrappers.  I also love watermelon during the summer, it's refreshing and hydrating and how could you go camping without it? 

Chia makes a great little raw porridge and is hydrating and energizing and easy to pack.  Ideal for backpackers, but super nutritious and wonderful for all.

Organic Corn Chips and Salsa are always nice for those moments when you need something to eat Right Now.  Throw in some avocado and you have a mini meal.  Add hot black beans and you have a hearty meal that will infuse the camp with that home-cooking fragrance.

Hummus and Tabouleh with Pita Chips.  Tabouleh is particularly refreshing in the Summer and when made with quinoa is a nutrition packed dish.  I load mine with tons of parsley, mint and cucumber.

Smores.  That's the classic camp dessert and I never really liked them.  That is until I tried them as an adult, with quality organic dark chocolate and graham crackers (I love the Health Valley organic Amaranth graham crackers) and vegan marshmallows.  Still not my favorite thing in the world, but the kids love them and there's something sweet about tradition.

Image Credit: Kirti Poddar