Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leatherman JUICE Multitool

A good multi-tool is a must have on outdoor adventures.  Camping and traveling bring out the resourcefulness in us and to have something with you that facilitates this is important.  I also love that one small tool can replace a whole drawer full of stuff.  If you'd like to scale down or reduce your carbon footprint utilitarian-wise, here you go. 

Leatherman is known for their reliable multi tools, but I only recently learned that they have a line that appeals to my design sense--the Juice Leathermans. Bright colors make them easy to find in your bag or in the dark, and they are as attractive as they are useful.  Check out this CS4, sort of the middle ground in the Juice series.

This is about the size of a Swiss army knife, but better looking and more versatile. The pliers set it apart from pocket knives and they are easy to use and double as wire cutters.  It comes with screwdrivers--both phillips and flat head, scissors, cork screw, awl, can opener, saw, and knife.

The photo doesn't do it justice, the glacier blue is almost metallic and stands out amongst gear.  It fits nicely in your hand and the tools are accessible and easy to get back in.  It's 5.5 ounces, and around 3 inches in length, so it's a breeze to take along.  Leatherman is based in Portland, OR, the tools are US made and the company is involved in community outreach.  Find it HERE