Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dyson's New No-Blade Fan

If you use a fan for Summer cooling, you might have run into the same problem I have--many fans don't come apart to clean and you end up having to throw the whole thing away at a certain point.  This is so wasteful.  Last year, I bought a new fan by Honeywell that said it was easy to take apart for cleaning, but when I tried to get it apart, after several screws, it still would not detach.

Enter Dyson's new bladless fan.  Here is a fan you will never have to throw away because you can't clean it.  The air circulates via what they call "air multiplier technology" which is supposed to draw in air and recirculate it amplified smoothly.  It's fairly quiet, especially on the low speeds.  The fan comes with a remote control, which, true to Dyson's craftiness, magnetically attaches to the fan so you won't lose it when you're not using it.

The fan is very good looking and has a sleek, modern design.  The indicator light is a nice cobalt blue and the buttons are all intuitive.  It has a very small footprint and takes up very little space.  It's not the eyesore some fans are, it looks nice in the room, bordering on functional art.

The only thing I can find that I'm not crazy about is the price tag.  For some this won't matter, but others might want to look for it on sale.  I fell in love with Dyson a couple of years ago with their cannister vacuum which is still going strong.  Both the fan and the vacuum are great for people with allergies.  You can easily clean dust off the fan on a regular basis and the vacuums are allergy tested and certified.
If you have children or animals that might get caught in fan blades, this fan has a lot going for it safety wise.  You can put your hand right through the hole and all you feel is air.  Very innovative.  Check out Dyson's new fan selection HERE.

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