Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HANGFIRE HOODIE Perfect for Chillin by the Campfire

First Ascent's Hangfire Hoodie is designed for climbers, with mobility in mind.  It's light weight and I think it makes a great Summer hoodie for biking, hiking, evening walks, and cozying up to a campfire.  The cut is figure flattering, the zippers are placed in such a way that it creates slimming lines and there are seams which do the same.  The sleeves are cut close to your wrists (but not too close) so they wouldn't catch fire while working around a camp building fires or cooking with outdoor stoves.

They call it "textured fleece," but it is not that furry-fleece that we are used to.  This is not bulky at all, it's breathable while exerting energy, and it also repels light rain.  It would be great as an under-layer in colder temps taking you through fall and into winter.  Great all around hoodie, find it HERE.