Saturday, July 23, 2011

SUMMER CAMPING: Packing Checklist

I consider car camping to be pretty luxurious, so why not go all the way and indulge in gourmet food and creature comforts?  When packing, be sure to keep items together in their respective groups to help with organization and easy set up.  Here is my packing list for Summer car camping (it's a loose list, so feel free to add or subtract based on your own needs):

tent and footprint/tarp
sleeping pads/mattress
sleeping bags
camp pillows
book to read in bed/light to read by
mallet or hammer for stakes (or do what I do and use a rock)
mini dust pan/brush

bear proof container or plan to keep food in car to prevent raccoons, bears, etc. from invading your camp
cooler stocked with healthy foods--salads and fresh fruit and veggies are totally doable
reusable plates/utensils/mugs
pots and pans for cooking (I like stainless for non toxicity and durability)
bamboo skewers for veggie kabobs
sticks for roasting vegan marshmallows
extra large water jug(s)
cutting board/knife
kitchen towels (colorful ones that make your camp look festive)
salt and pepper shaker, spices
pet food/bowl

Site Comforts & Camp Necessities:
extra blankets
camp chairs
long nose butane lighter
trash bags

chemical free wipes
biodegradable earth friendly soap
sunscreen, insect repellent (non-deet, non toxic-- badger balm makes good ones)
lip balm
first aid kit

Practical Extras:
extra batteries
extra fuel (for stove, torches)
duct tape
clothes line
small shovel
mallet for stakes
extra stakes
reflective guy lines
solar shower
waste bags

iPad and popcorn for watching a movie after sundown--it's allowed!
solar or battery operated festive string lights
french press/organic coffee
festive tablecloth
board games, playing cards

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HiHoRosie said...

I love camping! We always pack so much stuff, like blenders (ha ha - there was electricity where we camped). Some would laugh at that sort of camping but hey, it was still fun and the ground is still hard and bumpy to sleep on. :)