Monday, July 11, 2011


The Jetboil Sol was designed with extreme conditions in mind.  But even if your adventures don't take you into the back country, this is a wonderful thing to have.   This little stove is perfect for boiling water for coffee, tea, your morning oatmeal or soup on the fly.  It takes about three minutes, so why not use this instead of firing up the big boy.  Or, use it right along side the bigger stoves.

It's also a great thing to have in your emergency backpack.  I've been two weeks without power after a hurricane, and boy do you miss warm food and drinks.  Jetboil is well known to fire right up even in freezing cold weather.  I love the ignition button which sets it apart from other compact stoves, you don't need matches, it self starts. 

The stove is super light weight at only 10.5 oz. and it's so well designed and self contained it's ideal for backpacking.  Even for leisurely day trips on the trails, it's a wonderful thing to take along for a nice meal at a scenic spot.  You can take the Jetboil on the plane (without the fuel) which makes it great for back-door style travel.  Included is a stabilizing tripod, a pot stabilizer, the heat indicating and insulating cozy, lid with pour spout and strainer--everything you need but the fuel. 

Besides the great function, did I mention the super cool looks?  The handsome charcoal gray pairs perfectly with the orange, making this as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful. If you're into the outdoors and/or travel, check out the Jetboil Sol.  Find it, and watch a demo video HERE.