Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OPA COVE pfds for Kids

If you have a little one that's going to be around water this Summer, you have to see this fabulous PFDs and Swim Assist Vests from OPA COVE
In and effort to "enhance family life and create products that foster family interaction, children's safety, and fun, ” the folks at Opa Cove have come up with the coolest kids pfds and swim vests I have ever seen.  Talk about combining function with brilliant design, these combine safety with great design.  Certified by the US Cost Guard, these pfds are something your children will want to wear, maybe something they won't want to take off.

They come in two versions, the swim assist to help children learn to swim and the pfd which is suitable for canoeing, water skiing, kayaking, and wake boarding.  Appropriate for ages 2-7, the vests keep kids safe while allowing them the joy of pretending to be a dolphin, clownfish, shark or orca whale.

I'm not sure about the sizing for these, my son measured for the medium, but took a large.  They do sell them at REI, so you can try them on first.