Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Overland Equipment Shasta: Great Summer Sling

Overland Equipment's Shasta bag is a great pick for Summer adventures.  Whether you're traveling, hiking, or just tooling around town, this is a nice minimalist comfortable pack.  The sling style makes it very easy to get to your stuff while still wearing the bag.

At first I thought this bag would be too big.  I liked that it was half of a backpack and wanted it to be compact.  Well, it is.  After you use it a few times, it breaks in, and feels just right.  It can be adjusted to fit your frame, which is great for me since bags are often too long for me.

Small, medium, and large zippered compartments make for just the right amount of organization.  The first is ideal for the cellphone and lip balm, the other two are plenty big enough for a lunch, a jacket, magazines, flip flops, other electronics, etc., and there's a loop that you can put a carabiner through for keys. The bag holds a lot of stuff.   I love the open water bottle at the top, probably my favorite feature.  It will hold a pretty big bottle, making it great for Summer treks around town.  The mesh backing wicks away moisture helping to keep you cool.  Find it Here.

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