Friday, June 24, 2011

Go the F*k to Sleep

For those of us who go through nightly bedtime drama, Adam Masnbach's Go the F*k to Sleep offers some desperately needed comic relief.  Most of us can't be shocked these days, but seeing this made-for-adults childrens' book does initially shock, just a little, and in a delicious way. 

The illustrations by Ricardo Cortes are beautiful, and if you didn't read English, you would just think this was a sweet little bedtime book.  The innocent graphics make for a mischievously delightful juxtaposition to the prose.   Mansbach has been writing for a decade and just happened to make a joke on facebook, it spread like wildfire, and the book was born.

This irreverent jab at bedtime is a great antidote to pastel bunnies and saccharine rhymes, and it's just a welcome chuckle for exhausted parents.  Not for those offended by four letter words (and if you are, read this).

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