Thursday, June 2, 2011

ENO Hammock System: Portable Summer Fun

I haven't enjoyed a hammock in long time, not since I brought one back from Mexico years ago.  That was a great hammock, made from woven string.  I took it camping, enjoyed it at home, and had a lot of fun with it.  But after a couple of years, the rope deteriorated and it fell apart and that was the end of it.
When I saw Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammocks, I got very excited because they reminded me of my old Mexican one.  Eno's hammocks are way better however, and address all the issues I had with the other one.  This is a hammock you buy one time.  It's made of quality nylon that feels like a parachute.  It's easy to clean, super durable and will last.

With the stuff sack, it's quite small and appropriate for backpacking. You could keep it with you for everyday use in your day pack, messenger bag, or purse to pull out at opportune moments.  Keep it in your lunchbox to rejuvenate on your lunch break at school or work, it's something that can easily go anywhere.  The carabiners on either end combined with straps make set up and removal take less than a minute.
For camping and hiking, the Onelink System comes with everything you could possibly need such as the pro straps, a rain tarp, stakes, a bug net and the nest of your choice.  I recommend the double nest for its versatility.  There are many color combinations to choose from and you can get the Onelink System or purchase each component as needed.  If you do buy ala carte, I strongly suggest the Pro Straps which make set up incredibly easy allowing you to be very flexible in choosing the two objects you will use for mounting the hammock.  
If you have children, know that they are going to be all over this.  My six year old had to be dragged out of it after at least two hours on the porch and flew out of bed the next morning to get back to the hammock and has been quite obsessed with it ever since.  The two of us can fit perfectly in the hammock, and it's very cozy and comfortable.  There is something so soothing about floating in the air and swaying back and forth.  The built in stuff sack doubles as a bottle holder so your beverage is in reach (or flashlight, book, etc).

We haven't tried it camping yet, but it's awesome at the park and on the porch at home.  I've heard that people enjoy this hammock so much that they rig them up in their bedrooms in lieu of a bed.  These are good for any season, people use them in the snow.  If you are going to be sleeping in colder climates, it's recommended that you put a sleep mat in your hammock, and use an appropriate sleeping bag, otherwise you'll get cold.

For me, it's a Summertime luxury, and an attainable one at that.  The ENO facilitates one of the key hallmarks of Summer--the idea that at some point we will get to relax.  Find ENO Here and consider buying extra for your friends and family, they're going to want one too.


HiHoRosie said...

I have a similar hammock made by another company and LOVE it! Great for camping! ;)

Unknown said...

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