Friday, June 10, 2011

Cute and Comfortable Riding Your Bike

Have you noticed a growing trend of just normal regular people out riding their bikes?  For a while it seemed like here in the US when you saw someone on a bike, they would be wearing spandex racing clothes.  In the last few years it seems like more and more people are riding bikes for reasons other than competition or getting exercise.

I love seeing people wearing their regular street clothes on their bikes, riding for transportation and dressing for the destination. Would you rather be wearing a cute little dress or spandex?  The cute dress immediately makes riding your bike more fun and also more accessible.  If you're dressed in normal clothes--cute clothes--you are open to all sorts of things.  It also takes the pressure off to just think of yourself as simply a person on a bike.

So how do you keep warm enough while looking so cute?  If you're living in a climate like mine, Summer seems like it will never get here.  The weather changes at the drop of a hat and you can leave the house looking great and feeling comfortable and come back freezing or soaking wet.  The solution?  Smartwool undergarments.  I can't believe it's taken me all these years to discover Smartwool's Cami Tops and Lightweight Leggings.

Wool is the perfect material for those of us who have allergies and don't do well with synthetics.  It breathes.  Wool keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.  If you get caught in the rain, the wool will help to wick the moisture away and it dries quickly.  It's perfect to wear under that cute dress.  I like the footless leggings for bike riding because you can wear sandals and because they're cooler than tights.  You can easily slip off a pair of socks if you start to get too hot rather than taking off the whole legging.  They'll keep your legs warm under a dress or skirt and they look cute too.

The Cami is a wardrobe essential.  I want one in every color--this is the ideal cami top.  It's perfect for bike riding because it's nice and long, it's great for travel or outdoor activities like camping or hiking.  It's the ideal layering piece because it will help to regulate your body temperature.  It will keep you cooler and also warmer than a cotton cami.  You could also wear it more as a tank top, it would look great with jeans.  It's comfortable and it comes in my favorite wardrobe basic colors--black, gray and white.  The shoulder straps are adjustable to customize your fit and it's soft and comfy.  I wish Smartwool would make a slip-version of this, it's just wonderful.

Smartwool's stance on sheep is that they care about how their sheep are treated, stating, "We would never hurt sheep, we love our sheep."  They are involved in environmental initiatives and work to improve production of this sustainable material.  Their sheep live on small farms in New Zealand, and are free range.  The Smartwool Advocacy Program focuses on the environment, the sheep and economic stability for the farmers. 

Opening Image Credit: PortocalaMecanica

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