Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Backyard Fun with Solar Lights

Solar Chinese Lanterns?  Yes!  Solar string lights?  Yes! How cool is this?  Smart Solar makes Chinese Lanterns to make things more festive for Summer.  They look fun in the day and at night it gets magical.  The lanterns are a little larger than cantaloupes and have a little solar panel on top and an LED light inside.  They're made of nylon so they'll be safe in the rain. These are great for Summer nights in the back yard and would be fun on a camping trip.

The Crystal Ball String Lights are a more elegant.  I find the clear LED lights a little cold--I wish they would have tinted the globes so that the light was more warm and glowy.  Nevertheless, they are very cool.  You can find both on Amazon and throughout the web.  I think they are fabulous for celebrating the season.


bitt said...

I saw those lanterns the other day at the garden shop. I really want some.

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I've never really investigated solar lights at all... Those hanging paper lanterns are so cute though! They seem like the perfect thing for an outdoor summer party.

Eco Mama said...

They're very cool, you should treat yourself Bitt.
Eco Mama

Blogger said...

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