Monday, June 27, 2011

Coleman Instant Tent: Doesn't Get Easier

When Coleman says "instant" tent, they are not kidding.  You pull this tent out of the duffel it comes with and open each pole similarly to the way you would an umbrella.  In less than a minute I can set this up by myself, it doesn't get easier. Taking it down, which in some ways is even more important to me, is just as simple.  The duffel is big enough that there is no struggle getting it back in and the tent comes down with ease.  You can watch a demo video HERE showing the process and they are using the bigger version of this tent, the four person is even easier.  This makes camping accessible and opens up a world of Summer activities for the family.

It's made with heavy duty material and taped seams so that you don't have to use a rain fly.  I would not push this too far however.  If you will be camping in windy weather, opt for a dome tent.  I'd say the same for heavy rain.  It's not appropriate for back packing, but it's great for car camping and for Summer, I think it's ideal, particularly for people new to camping or who might be intimidated by setting up a tent.

It's great for the back yard and even inside the house.  Because it's so easy to operate, there's no hesitation if your kids want to play "camp out" on a rainy day.  You put it up, they play for a couple of hours, you take it down.  It's that easy.  My son loves to get cozy in the tent and read books or play with the Ipad.   On sunny days, he's an adventurer.

While camping, if it is raining or dark during set up or take down, how helpful to have it happen fast.  It's a one piece design that comes with stakes to secure the tent once it's up.  There are no parts to lose and everything is pre-attached and stays together.  I'd get some heftier tent stakes if you think you will be encountering wind, and I wish the tent had four windows instead of three, it can get stuffy so again, I wouldn't choose this one for prolonged rainy weather camping.  It's a four person tent, but I think it's the perfect size for two people and when you are car camping, you can afford such luxuries.  The tent also comes in two bigger sizes to accommodate more people.  It's a great tent, a good value, and a really great idea for easy Summer fun.  Check it out HERE.