Monday, June 6, 2011

Gear Up for Summer Travel Part 1: Luggage

Did you know there is an eco friendly luggage option that is made from 100% recycled fabrics?  Eagle Creek has come out with the perfect green wheelie bag suitcase for Summer travel, the TARMAC.  It comes in different sizes, but for flying, I like the 22" so you can carry it on and avoid fees and inconveniences.  This suitcase holds so much stuff, you won't believe it's a carry on, and if you are bringing treasures back from your trip (and who doesn't), the main compartment expands to hold your new loot.

Eagle Creek is known for organization, and they are masters.  Organization abounds in this bag and it really helps to simplify packing which can be somewhat stressful at times.  I'd use this bag for a two week or a two month trip. 

The Tarmac comes in different colors, I always prefer black for my gear but I was pleasantly surprised to find a sienna orange interior which I thought was a very pleasing design touch.  It's a great looking piece of luggage.

There are two mesh zipper pockets inside, and behind those, a large zippered pocket.  There are compression straps with panels to help keep stuff down while avoiding wrinkles straps can cause.  The carry handle is comfortable and heavy duty and I love the beefy zipper pulls--they're over sized and coated with rubber to make access a breeze. 

There are two outer pockets for easy access.  The smaller one would be appropriate for your zip lock baggie of 3oz liquids which you have to remove for TSA inspection, and the larger pocket would work great for magazines, electronics, a shawl or sweater for the plane, etc.  The bag has a handy toggle to attach another bag or purse.  There are multiple grab handles and reinforcement at the critical spots to help decrease wear and protect your bag.

Eagle Creek offers a No Matter What guarantee and will fix or replace your bag anytime anywhere. I appreciate their commitment to quality products eliminating the need continually repurchase luggage thus adding to landfills.  The Tarmac is a practical, good looking, organized and eco friendly to boot.  I highly recommend it for Summer (or any season) travel.  Find it HERE.

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