Friday, November 2, 2012

ExOfficio Hoodies for Winter Travel

Need a hoodie for your winter travel?  Hoodies are awesome on the plane for helping to regulate your body temperature and giving you that extra layer when you need it.   When it gets hot and stuffy, you're just a zip away from comfort.  When you get really chilled, or just want to get some privacy, you put your hood up, headphones on and it's like having a "do not disturb" sign. 

If you are going somewhere warm you need a light weight hoody, someplace cold, you want fleece.  Either way, ExOfficio has you covered with some great options.   For your trip to the tropics, the DriLattice Hoody is flattering and functional.  It's ultra light weight and thin, perfect for a hot climate.  You'll need something on the plane and this will double as sun protection.

It's rated UPF 15 and will wick moisture away from you on hikes and during activities.  It has thumbholes--great for when you're riding a bike, and a stripey pattern for added style.  It's wrinkle and odor resistant and dries fast. 

The Jandiggity Fleece Hoody is butter soft and super light weight.  I love how thin it is while still being warm and cozy.  It has a secret pocket on the sleeve perfect for a hotel key, credit card or id.  The longer length is great and it has a subtle grid pattern.  This is not your typical bulky fleece that you put on and feel like you just gained ten pounds, it's very elegant.  It comes in some great colors--enough to make you want more than one.