Monday, November 26, 2012

REVO Eco Friendly Sunglasses: Must Have for Winter Escape

Going on a winter holiday to the tropics?  Then you need these awesome sunglasses that are designed specifically for the water.  REVO's eco friendly HEADWAY sunglasses will protect your eyes, stay with you during play, and won't sink should they come off.  Polarized lenses are great for water, but REVO went a step further and made a lens specific for water, pulling out a brilliant contrast and enhancing blues and greens.  What you get is a lens that helps block out glare, and a high definition view.  Included is a detachable lanyard with a float so that if they fall of your face they're attached, and if they get knocked off and fall into the water, you'll be able to find them.  On top of all this, they are gorgeous.

For a lighter weight water friendly option, REVO's  DESCEND sunglasses have the same features but are so light you forget you are wearing them. 

Both styles are unisex and come with cases and microfiber pouches for protection.  It's a nice presentation that would be fantastic for the stocking or under the tree.  A pair of these and some plane tickets to Bora Bora would be my dream gift, come to think of it.

REVO's lens technology is derived from NASA, and are geared for performance.  Their Eco line uses earth friendly materials and Revo is the official eye wear sponsor for Oceana, the largest international ocean conservation organization.  The water specific sunglasses are perfect for water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking, or even lounging around on the beach and maximizing your views.  Choose from many new eco friendly styles HERE.