Monday, November 5, 2012

Justin's Nut Butter: Wickedly Addictive

Warning:  Justin's Nut Butter is ADDICTIVE.  I got my hands on the chocolate almond yesterday and have eaten half way through the jar since then.  It's pretty much all I have eaten since opening the jar.  Holy Smokes it's good!  Way way too good!  I had a spoonful, then another, then another.  Then I had to put it in the freezer.  Do you think that stopped me?  NOooooo.  I had to get it out of the house, now Justin's Nut Butter is in my car!

I love the ever so slightly grainy texture and the perfect blend of sweetness--but not too sweet--and a tiny bit of salty.  It's obvious I cannot be trusted with this stuff, so good thing they come in individual reasonably portioned packets.  How fabulous for travel!

My son went as bananas as I did for it and with almond butter and organic ingredients, I can feel good about him eating this.  And by the way, this stuff is much healthier and just as tasty as that other famous nut butter ending in ...ella.  I do wish Justin's would go the full distance and get these butters certified organic.  Raw would be even better.  Their nut butter cups are certified, so maybe it's something they are working on. At any rate, I would strongly recommend this nut butter with a caveat that you may not be able to stop once you start.  Find them HERE.