Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Real Great Pumpkin (what to do about all that candy)

You want your kids to enjoy Halloween and to take part in celebration, but you don't want to overdose them on sugar, toxic dyes in candy, gmos, etc.,  And all the bouncing off the walls and upset stomachs, potential disintegration following trick or treating and that rush of sugar.  There is a wonderful solution to this.

 Put the candy out for the Great Pumpkin!  Your child picks out 2-4 pieces to keep, puts the rest in a paper bag out on the porch, and in the morning the GP has swapped it out for a small gift.  It's very exciting.  It could be a fun book, a healthier treat, a small toy, you never know what he's going to leave.  This tradition has been so fun for us and there's no sugar meltdown or continued sugar issues.   Happy Halloween!