Friday, October 19, 2012

Get Ready for Dia De Los Muertos

Don't you love Autumn?  Beautiful trees, hot apple cider, and two fabulous holidays.   Halloween, and Dia De Los Muertos, aka, Day of the Dead.  Since most of you are already super familiar with Halloween, I'll tell you how we celebrate Dia de los Muertos at our house.  It's a holiday to honor our friends and relatives who have died.  Sometimes we have guests, sometimes we don't, but every year we set up an ofrenda (an altar with favorite foods of the deceased, photos, flowers, etc), make some yummy organic Mexican food, and tell stories about loved ones that have passed on.

It's such a beautiful holiday and really makes me feel more comfortable with something we rarely talk about in American culture--death.  It's a way to celebrate those we love that have passed and doesn't it just make you feel better to think there will be a party for you every year with a few of your favorite things?  I think it's brilliant.

You can read about how to make an ofrenda HERE.  And you can find some fabulous decorations and supplies at, which is a wonderful source for all things Day of the Dead including information, inspiration, and beautiful photos (like the one above and to your left). Check out those awesome sugar skull cookies pictured above, wouldn't it be fun to make those?

One note about food--please be sure to get organic corn products as most non-organic corn products are genetically modified.  We generally use all organic foods beans, limes, tortilla chips, tomatoes, cilantro, chocolate, etc. and are lucky to live somewhere where these things are readily available.  I know not everyone has access, so just making sure the corn products are organic is a great place to start.