Monday, October 29, 2012

Fabulous prAna Yoga Tops

prAna has fantastic yoga clothing that also works as great street and travel wear.  Here are two tops that are super comfortable, allow full mobility, and pack down small without getting wrinkled.  The fabric is fast drying and you could easily wash them in a hotel sink if need be. I think they look great with jeans and skirts with a little hoodie.

Check out the Abi Top in that dreamy Purple Pixel.  Isn't that gorgeous?  Pairs great with black pants or a black skirt and has a built in shelf bra.  Comfy soft recycled poly, and a beautiful watercolor pixel print make this top shine.

The Quinn Top has feminine lines, is really pretty around the neck, and comes in many colors and patterns.  It is made with recycled materials, is very soft, and has a shelf bra for support. 

They say purple is the color of wisdom.  For me it is soothing and refreshing at the same time and I especially love it paired with calming blues.  Prana offers several fabrics with these and other mood enhancing colors and I don't think that's an accident.  I think they put a lot of effort into color and pattern--both tops featured here are almost mandala-like. 

I love these tops so much I ordered a few on Amazon--they have incredible prices on prAna right now with tops as low as under ten bucks and dresses under twenty.  Time to stock up!  What brilliant inspiration for maintaining your yoga routine throughout the holidays.  You can find a bigger selection HERE on prAna's site.