Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grand Trunk Dunny Privacy Shelter

Have you ever found yourself on the beach wishing you had a place to change your clothes?  Or out on a camping trip wishing for your own private bathroom? Well here is the solution: the Grand Trunk Dunny Quick Set Privacy Shelter.   I haven't seen a privacy shelter out there that compares to this.  It's HUGE and very well made.  Two people could take a shower in there, no problem, they could almost dance the Tango.

This is perfect for camping trips to enable you to avoid public restrooms completely.  You can hang your solar shower inside and include a portable toilet as well.   You could also use it on the beach for changing clothes--I think it would be fabulous for a beach party or an all day outing with friends and family.  When you're ready to go, just pop it back in the bag.  It would be great at home for a pool party to keep a bunch of wet guests from traipsing in and out of your house and also provide convenience for them.

Inside the shelter are plenty of pockets for soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.  There's a place to hang your solar shower and it's sturdy, it's not going to come crashing down on you.  The floor is removable if you'd rather have the ground under you, it's your option.  Visually, it's perfect.  Low profile, good looking charcoal gray is sharp and kind of blends in with the environment.  It's also quite light weight, so it's not a burden to toss it in the car along with the rest of your gear.

It's so worth the extra effort to set it up, I thoroughly enjoyed a peaceful solar shower with a gorgeous lake front view through the window of the shelter.  The kids used the shelter for changing clothes and bathing suits before and after playing in the lake.  There are plenty of great places to hang your towels and the clean dry clothes.

Definitely stake it down as it's very tall and the wind could play havoc with it if it's not secured properly.  Included are plenty of stakes and the cords to guy it out, and set up and take down is so ultra fast, you won't mind taking the extra two minutes.  It goes right back into it's carry bag easily, which for me is super important as I don't want to be struggling at the end of an adventure.  Even though it's super tall, I can set it up and take it down by myself in just a couple of minutes, it couldn't be easier.  Highly recommended!  Find it HERE.