Friday, September 30, 2011

OXO Convertible Colander: Veggie Prep Must Have

I have several colanders, good stainless colanders.  And the problem I run into with all of them is that they leak water all over the counters.  You don't really want your colander touching the bottom of your sink because sinks are notorious for germs.  The typical feet on colanders are generally too small to keep a healthy distance from the bottom of the sink, in my opinion.  So normally, what I do is hold the colander over the sink while it drains, then shake it off and set the colander on the counter where it continues to drip a little bit.  Not disastrous, but certainly not ideal.

The OXO Convertible Colander solves this problem, keeping your food way off the bottom of the sink, and also in a closer more convenient position for food prep.  It's very large, holding a good deal of food and clean up is a cinch.  Since I use a colander pretty much every time I prepare food, I really appreciate these features.  I just throw my produce in the colander and rinse.  It's right there for me to slice, dice, juice, or toss into a salad while excess water drains right into the sink.   The legs fold down for use on the counter top and for storage.  This colander is also good looking enough to be used for a fruit bowl.  I love it for fruit and veggies, but you could also use it for pasta.

Unlike some of my meshy colanders which can get a bit tedious to clean, you just swipe this a couple of times with your soapy scrub brush, rinse and you're done.  You can also put it in the dishwasher, but I think it's easier just to clean it right after use so that it's ready for the next job and not taking up too much space in the dishwasher.

With the holidays coming, you need all the help you can get.  And speaking of the holidays, this would make a great gift for the veggie lover in your life.  Find it HERE.