Thursday, September 22, 2011

Detours Boogie Bag: Organization for Cycling Adventures and Beyond

Traveling to go for a ride?  Detours makes the perfect bag for your cycling gear, the Boogie Bag.  Organization makes your outings more enjoyable.  When everything is easy to get to, you spend your time playing, not scrambing around trying to find your stuff.

This bag holds a ton.  It will keep your helmets, bike tools, jackets, shoes, locks, extra clothes, meals, drinks--there's even a separate insulated bag that comes with it to keep your drinks or food cold.  They thought of every single thing with this bag, the design is flawless.

This bag is made for cycling, but is perfect for camping as well. And I mean perfect.  That rubber bottom makes it extra rugged in the elements, there are a ton of pockets for little lanterns, camp kitchen supplies, etc.

The Boogie is so sturdy you might be tempted to overload it--the bag can take it, but you still have to carry it, so watch out for weight.  It's sitting on my floor at the moment with heavy camp kitchen supplies and the Boogie doesn't skip a beat.  In addition to the padded adjustable shoulder strap and side straps, there are grab handles on either end, customizing it to the way you like to carry your bag and making it as comfortable and convenient as possible.  I love the see-through top compartment for easy access to the stuff you need to get to fast, like maps, flashlights, first aid kit.  The abundance of outer and inner pockets and enlarged zipper pulls are fantastic. 

I don't climb, but suspect it would be great for that too.  For kids that are in some sort of sport, this would be wonderful for parents to keep it all together.  At 20 x 15 x 11 inches, it will fit in an overhead bin on planes, so it would work well for air travel too. 

Aesthetically, the Boogie is great looking.  The burgundy is a rich, deep garnet that is pleasing to the eye and the detailed top stitching almost fools you into thinking it's all looks, but then the bag gets you with its brains.  Incredibly well thought out, wonderful bag, I want one in every color to color code my gear.

If you are involved in any activity that requires gear, you need this bag.  One of my favorites ever.  Find it HERE.