Monday, September 12, 2011

Planetary Designs Coffee Press: Ideal for Camping

I use a glass French press at home when I make coffee--not the best thing for camping.  So what do you do if you're not fond of that somewhat burnt flavor of cowboy coffee?  You get one of these fabulous stainless coffee presses from Planetary Designs, that's what.  This little coffee press is perfect for camping.  It's sturdy and well constructed with a beefy handle and well stabilized body that is wider at the bottom and won't spill at the picnic table. 

Here's what is so awesome about this--the fact that it's only 20 ounces, yet still shaped in the form of a coffee pot really makes it stand out amongst other stainless presses.  You can find those anywhere, in fact the same company makes a huge variety of them.

But, if you drink coffee like I do--with soy cream and raw sugar, those are not practical because the grinds stay in the bottom, how do you add your condiments?   It can get complicated with having to transfer liquids and it's just a hassle.  With this, you pour it right into your cup and proceed the same way you do at home.  Also, the size is ideal for one or two people.  There is a bigger version of this available, but the 20 oz is just perfect and by the time you drink your coffee everything is still warm, if you need more, you can easily brew another pot. 

This press would be wonderful at work, on a trip, anywhere you want to enjoy coffee or loose tea.  By making your own coffee, you can insure that it's organic and fair trade.  And to store it, Planetary Designs has a patented air tight container called the AirScape that will keep your coffee fresh.  Like the French press, the canister is made from high quality 18.8 grade stainless steel.  You put your coffee or--get this--brown sugar (or whatever you want to keep fresh) and put the compression lid in which seals out any air, then seal with the clear lid.

The two make a great pair for a camping trip or to keep at the office for that three o'clock fix.  The holidays will be here before we know it and finally there is something to store that notorious brown sugar in before it turns into a rock.  They come in different sizes and colors so that you can color code your stuff.  You can check out Planetary Designs complete line HERE.