Monday, April 4, 2011

Too Cool for School: Mad Pax Backpack

This has got to be the coolest backpack I have ever seen, look at these crazy cool Mad Pax.   The folks at Mad Pax ask, "why blend?" and I couldn't agree more.  These packs are quirky, artful, tactile and fun, evoking visions of dinosaurs, sea urchins and other wonders from natural or alien worlds. 

"Mad Pax are three parts funk, a pound of punk, a dash of dare and a tab of turbo...the perfect way for kids to express their inner creature."  Express their inner creature---yes yes!  I love this!  Make them in my size already, these are fabulous.  They come in different colors and oh how I wish to see more of this creativity in the world!  Find them at BABYBOX.COM.


Dirty Girl Gardening said...

how cool! i'm so buying one for my little niece...

Eco Mama said...

Hi DGG, it's even cooler in person!
Hope she loves it.
Eco Mama