Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Organic Easter for the Pooch: Simply Fido

Our dog always gets excited during holidays when we are enjoying festivities, so we like to include her.  Santa remembered her and I suspect the Easter Bunny will too (kids get a big kick out of this).   How about some Easter treats for your dog?  I love these Organic toys and blankies from Simply Fido.   I  provide organic food and goods for my household as much as I can, how great that there are a few companies making safe toys for our four legged friends.    Cotton is a heavily sprayed crop, any chance I get to choose the organic option with textiles, I take. 
What a great idea to combine a toy with a blanket.  The Lollie Lamb Blanket is too cute and so practical.  My dog loves to shake fabric--you know what I'm talking about?  It's very funny to watch.  This is perfect for travel, providing comfort and play all in one.  It's butter soft, completely organic, and very sweet. 

Look at this bunny, ideal for the season.  Or, you can add it to your child's Easter basket with a little note that it's for the dog.  They're plush and durable and made from sustainable bamboo, colored with plant pigment and contain a sqweekie inside.   They seem to run a little large, and since there's a heft to them, I hope they make an extra small version for all the toy loving Chihuahuas out there!

Simply Fido offers many wonderful and well made options for your dog, toys you can feel good about that are safe for your friend and much better for the earth.  Find them HERE.


Anonymous said...

Eek, so cute! I never thought there would be a market for doggie Easter gifts, but now it seems to make perfect sense. I know that my pup would just love that lamb blanket to curl up on.

Eco Mama said...

I bet your pup would love it, it's very cuddly! I don't think Simply Fido necessarily had Easter in mind when they created these, but I'm a sucker for holidays and they just seemed so appropriate for that, very Spring-ish. Thanks for stopping by!
Eco Mama