Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Things to Make Your Holiday Guest Comfortable

Expecting company for the holidays?  If you live in a small space, it can be tricky.  You want to give your guests as much of their own space as possible, and a comfortable bed.   Even if you don't have a dedicated guest room, you can still make visitors feel comfortable and extra special. 

The Serta Raised Air Bed pops up in just a couple of minutes (deflates quickly too), and has a never-flat feature.  The height, at 18 inches, is really nice for guests who might have a harder time getting up and down from a camp pad set up, and it really makes into a bed that resembles a regular twin bed.  When you're done, it packs into a carry bag and goes right in the closet until the next visit. 

An amenities kit like the Hugo Naturals Travel Kit, which uses non-synthetic fragrance and eco friendly plant based ingredients is a great welcome gift.  I love the orange-vanilla, which is comforting and soothing, and something like this might help to keep guests from using their synthetic products.  I personally have a no synthetic fragrance rule and make no bones about it because I get terrible migraines from perfumes.  Essential oils are wonderful though, and I think a little gift like this makes a fun introduction to healthy body products, and a treat for those already on board.

If you want to be really generous (and keep shoes out of the house), some cozy slippers or slipper socks from Acorn would be fantastic.  I love the Chinchilla slides that are my go-to slipper right now.  Your feet feel like heaven in these things; they are extremely luxurious.  If you get them from a place like Zappos, and you order  the wrong size, they can have a new pair to you the next day.  Any slippers would be nice, but I'm partial to these. 

Additionally, I'd be aware of dietary restrictions (are they gluten free?  Vegetarian? Nut allergic?) and have a few things on hand.  Do they like coffee in the morning?  Tea?  If they're sleeping in a bright room, an eye mask would be nice (I like this one), and maybe some ear plugs.  Some nice organic chocolates or cookies on the night stand, a carafe with water, a clutter free space for them to put their stuff and charge electronics are a few thoughtful touches to make someone feel a warm welcome.