Monday, November 4, 2013

Companies that side with Monsanto vs. the Good Guys

You might be surprised to learn who is backing Monsanto in trying to stop the 522 initiative to label GMOs.  A lot of companies supporting Monsanto are no surprise, Pepsi, Coke, Clorox--companies we know have zero interest in our health.  But it's the ones that we thought were looking out for us that are so disappointing.  The ones that sell organic food and promote health.  Companies we trusted.  Shame on them!  No more Lara Bars for us.  No more Alexia (love their organic french fries), no more Burts Bees, Santa Cruz Organic, and Horizon.  Moms buy this stuff for their families thinking they are making healthy choices, and it's a betrayal that these same companies don't even want us to know what's in our food.  Read more HERE and HERE.

On a positive note, look who's supporting 522:  Brad's Raw, Clif, Amy's, Annie's,  Coconut Bliss, Theo, Barleans, Tony's Coffee, Patagonia, and MORE.   This totally strengthens my loyalty to these brands and I'm grateful they're getting behind this.  If you're in Washington, please vote YES on 522.