Monday, November 11, 2013

DYSON DC47 Animal Ball Canister Vac

Dyson has a new canister vacuum and it's....well, I have to say this, it's super cute.  It's very compact, so it's kind of like a baby vacuum.  It may be adorable, but it packs a punch and I'm amazed at what a good job this little vacuum did on my floors.

My house is small and open concept, so the shorter cord worked fine for me.  It probably wouldn't make sense for a large home, but an apartment or studio or small place like mine would be ideal.  I have bamboo floors and wool rugs and it glided over all surfaces with ease.  The ball makes it very maneuverable and it's light weight saves your back while vacuuming stairs. 

The good looks set this far apart from other vacuums, it really is nice to look at with a vibrant violet top and charcoal gray body.  I would not recommend this for anything other than small jobs.  Nothing hard core.  This vacuum does not have the suction and power I've known in other Dysons, if you're sucking up things larger than lint, dust bunnies, and dirt, then stuff can get trapped on the way to the canister causing you to stop and empty it out.  So for smaller jobs, yes, but heavy duty--go with a bigger Dyson.