Friday, August 31, 2012

Nemo Losi 2 Tent: Best of Both Worlds

Need a two person tent that feels like a three or four person tent?  Seriously, Nemo's Losi 2 person tent is BIG.  But it's not that big...I don't know how they did this.  When it comes to tents, I'm always of the bigger is better philosophy for car camping.  I like a lot of space and when I camp, it's sometimes in a six person tent totally tricked out with luxury.  Why not, if I have the space, I enjoy the extra comfort.  However, I have a huge appreciation for minimalism and if I'm being spontaneous or in a hurry, I don't want to fool around with extra stuff and I go into the less is more mode. 

The Losi 2 is a little bit of both.  Light weight and super easy to use, you get a lot of luxury for very little effort.  I can set this tent up in less than five minutes and tear down is just as easy.  There is no struggle at all to get this tent back into its storage bag.  The storage bag is very smart by the way--Nemo makes the nicest I've ever seen for tents, everything has a compartment and things stay nice and organized. For backpacking purposes, I would leave this behind and split the tent up. 

There are two doors, so you don't have to disturb your tent mate going in and out, and there are two large vestibules for gear.  There is a removable organization pouch for your stuff inside the tent including Nemo's headlamp diffuser pocket.  You just put your headlamp in the pocket and it creates a little light for the tent, pretty clever.  And look at the pole design.  Those brow poles create a lot of extra room in there.

Bright green makes you more visible and it just looks super cool, especially paired with the charcoal gray and black.  When you have a glowing lantern inside, it's even more beautiful.  Nemo tents look like functional modern art to me, I love them. 

If you need a tent that is good for both car camping and backpacking, this is it.  If you need a backpacking tent, same thing.   It's quality that will last and comfort you will be grateful for.  For those couple of ounces you might save with an inferior tent, you lose a lot of substance, with the Losi 2, you get a ton of bang for your buck.

A footprint is always a good idea when you buy a tent, it preserves the life of your gear, gives you another layer of barrier and warmth, and it's always easier when you take it down to have the bottom of your tent clean.  Things can get pretty muddy if it rains and this helps to keep it as clean as possible and this is the kind of gear you want to take excellent care of.

Autumn is a great time of year for camping, and for some added incentive, you can find fantastic deals at stores like REI as summer ends.  Learn more about the Losi 2P HERE