Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eco Friendly Back to School Stuff

"Don't be a dunce," the folks at Eco Paper say, use their tree free papers and help to save the 644 trees worth of paper that gets tossed away in the trash every year at each school.  That's a ton of trees. 
Check out these banana paper notebooks, yep, made from banana fibers and recycled materials.  They're made in Costa Rica from agricultural waste that would have otherwise been thrown away.  How cool is this?  They're chlorine free, acid free, and tree free.
Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags are cute, come in lots of colors and patterns and are a great replacement for those endless plastic baggies.  Just wash and re-use over and over. 
Chacos makes some great eco friendly shoes for kids.   Check out these adorable Eco Tread slip on sandal shoe called Paradox.  It's non marking, easy to adjust, and made with recycled content. 
The Paradox is machine washable and tough enough to last through a couple of kids via hand- me-downs.  I love the cute little skull graphics and pretty shades of gray.