Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CAMELBAK Groove Portable Filtration System

If you filter your tap water at home, you know that it's not something you think about until you are out and about and have a taste of restaurant tap water.  Then you realize how good the water tastes at home.  Check out the Camelbak GROOVE water bottle that filters your water on the go.

This is fantastic for air travel.  Since you can't take your water through security anymore, this bottle saves you from having to buy expensive bottled water (that's likely no cleaner or better than tap water anyway) on the other side.  It's more eco friendly, and you have the benefit of using the bottle throughout your trip. You just refill it anywhere there's a fountain or tap.  They don't filter out harmful microbes, it's just for taste, so you don't want to be using it in a stream or in a country where you would normally filter your water to avoid bacterias, viruses and microbes you're not accustomed to. For domestic travel, or even for taking to work where they may have yukky tap water, it's perfect.

The water gets filtered as you drink, with a plant based carbon filter integrated into the straw.  It's very straight forward, just fill it up bite down, and sip away.  The spout folds down to stay clean when not in use.

The insulated version is taller and a little bulkier, but I love having the option of keeping my drink colder longer.  The double wall also reduces condensation and the tritan copolyester is BPA free and durable.

Both bottles fit in backpack pockets and most bottle holders.  Replacement filters are less than five bucks each and last for up to 48 gallons, which is a good bit of water. Find both bottles HERE.