Monday, February 20, 2012

GLO Teeth Whitening System

Want to get your teeth sparkly white?  Check out this new, high tech way of whitening your teeth at home.  It's called GLO and it looks a little like something out of the future.  It's very Apple-esque, if Steve Jobs were going to design a teeth whitening system, I bet this is exactly what it would look like.  It is very cool looking, and the presentation out of the box is fabulous.  I was very interested in this because it's one of the few non toxic ways to whiten your teeth, using hydrogen peroxide and light as the main components to getting the job done.

All you do is put some of the gel on your teeth--there is a brush like applicator on the end of the round vial to help you apply it evenly--then put the mouth piece in and let it activate for eight minutes.  The mouthpiece and the device light up with pretty blue light and when the lights go off you know you're done with that eight minute segment.  There's a cord to wear the device around your neck so you can move around the house while your teeth are whitening, so you do have mobility, though you can also just hang out and answer emails or watch tv during this time.  You repeat the process four times in one sitting and you do it for four consecutive days.  It's very straightforward and easy to use.  It comes with some lip balm to help keep your lips nice and hydrated through the process.  After each session, your teeth feel super clean and fresh and look brighter and whiter.

I love the fact that more than one person can use the system by purchasing an additional mouth piece.  You can also get refills of the hydrogen peroxide formula, so you can use this system over and over.  I also love that you are not putting harsh chemicals and bleaches on your teeth and that it's appropriate for sensitive teeth.  I have sensitive teeth and it worked for me, and my teeth are whiter.  I don't know by how many shades, I wish they included some sort of color strip you could hold up to your teeth to see the progress, but I am sure my teeth are at least a couple of shades lighter.  You can find this exciting new product HERE on the Glo website, or if you are not sure how it will do on your teeth, you can purchase it from Sephora who will allow you to return it if it doesn't work for you.