Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cozy Hand Warmer Fingerless Gloves by Nirvanna Designs

Sometimes you hands are cold, but you still need your fingers to be free for tying shoe laces, using electronics, etc.  Sometimes it's just more comfortable to have your fingers free.  Check out these super cute fingerless gloves from Nirvanna Designs.  Aren't these perfect for getting through the rest of Winter and those chilly Spring mornings?

They are butter soft on the inside and adorable on the outside.  They'll keep your hands warm on cold steering wheels and accent your outfit with some style.  They are hand made with untreated wool and cozy fleece and come in different colors.  Find them HERE. *Note:  Don't even think about putting these in the washing machine, even on handwash.  I almost ruined a pair that way, you have to wash these literally by hand and flat dry.  They're adorable and worth the effort!