Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Weather Must Have: Smart Wool V Neck

If you don't already have some Smartwool tees, you are missing out.  I love these for camping and travel specifically, but they are fabulous for everyday life.  They regulate body temperature, they don't get funky when you sweat--this is awesome for traveling when you are dealing with a limited wardrobe selection.  Even more if you are backpacking and every piece has to be uber practical.  And practical they are--but they are also super cute.

Check out the flattering lines on this v neck.  I love it for layering and just wearing by itself.  This under my down vest has been a staple for me, I want one in every color.  It's feminine and functional and perfect for more activities than I can name.  A definite staple and necessity.

Smartwool also recently came out with some patterned tops that give you more fashion options--they're fun.  Check out this stripey zip collar top.  I love the color and pattern, it's nice to see this energetic top.  Both tops would serve you well year round (this stuff is awesome on summer nights too).  I find that Smartwool tops can run a little small for me, normally I'd wear a medium and I tend to size up to large while on bottoms I remain a medium.  Find these cute tops and more HERE on the Smartwool website.