Monday, November 28, 2011

Organic Crown Maple Syrup for the Holidays

Remember the days when a bottle of liquor was an apt holiday gift?  Times have changed.  People are more interested than ever in being healthy and if you are reading this, chances are you're one of those people and you're friends probably are too.  That doesn't mean a little decadence is not in order from time to time.  What can you give for holiday gifts this year that will knock their socks off and still remain true to their healthy sensibilities?

Check out this elegant bottle of Organic Crown Maple Syrup.   It's handsome and dignified and would be a smashing holiday gift.  If you are staying with relatives over the holidays, this would make a lovely offering, perhaps along with preparing a nice organic blueberry pancake breakfast.   I think the bottle has a masculine presentation making it ideal for the men in your life from fathers to co- workers to sweethearts.  Think hostess gifts, teacher gifts, friends...I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be thrilled to get this.

Crown Maple Syrup comes from sustainably farmed trees in the Hudson River Valley.  Crown Maple uses a unique reverse osmosis process to craft their syrup making it more pure than other syrups out there.  You can read more about their crafting process here.  When you think of what goes into producing a bottle of maple syrup, it's amazing it's a cheap as it is.  You can also find recipes and purchase this delicious artisan syrup HERE.